Ethics and Business Policy

Everyone must adhere to ethical guidelines.

All business must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Beware of the legal requirements that apply at locations, and follow those rules and laws strictly. 

Try Fame strives to provide a positive work environment that supports productivity, dignity and self- esteem, and the pursuit of personal goals.

Our policies and procedures provide for equal opportunity and fairness in all decisions. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religious belief, physical or mental disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or source or income, and we take steps to comply with all applicable affirmative action legislation. We also endeavor to ensure everyone is treated fairly in all aspects of the business relationships we create, including performance appraisals, compensation, opportunities for advancement, and disciplinary matters.

We believe that everyone is entitled to privacy and we recognize our obligations as set out in applicable privacy legislation. Try Fame collects only necessary personal information, and we protect confidential information.

Finally, we do our best to ensure that everyone is treated with respect by the Company and other Team Members. Try Fame makes every effort to protect team members from harassment or other improper conduct in accordance with the Company’s policies on harassment and on employee discipline.

If you have a business or policy related question or issues, you should speak directly with an Executive Member.

We will not tolerate or be responsible for any illegal activity conducted.

If you have questions or if you require assistance with legal matters ask someone else. We know an excellent entertainment attorney and we can introduce you. 


Honesty and Integrity 


Consider your own credibility in all of your business decisions.

"Communication is key."


Be honest and honorable  in all dealing with the client, the public, and all other photographers. Even in the situation when you feel sire the other person is wrong make the decision to do the correct thing for yourself and stay peaceful. 

Make sure you are honest and upfront about all situations with team managers.

Entertainment and Gifts

Never accept gifts, entertainment, or any other benefit from an individual or organization while wearing a staff shirt or representing any team position at work. Do not accept flyers/ promotions if you do please don't litter anything. In public please show others that you are a polite and professional photographer.

You MAY NOT UPSELL YOUR OWN SERVICES such as retouching etc. 

Any gift, entertainment, or benefit you provide to a business associate, on our behalf must be modest in scope and value. Never provide a gift, entertainment or benefit that contravenes any applicable law or contract term or that is large enough to influence or appear to influence the recipient's business decisions. Ensure that you record all expenditures on gifts, entertainment, and other benefits. 

Compliance with accounting controls and procedures. 

Always comply with the company's accounting procedures and controls, and all applicable laws. Properly record all financial data and transactions, monthly. 

All disclosure contained in event reports and document files will be secured by the company managers only and possibly government authorities by or on behalf of Try Fame's full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable policies. 



Always comply with the company's accounting of the fact that we clearly explain our policies by typing here. 

1. Please type that you agree and understand to the ethics policy.

2. Please include an example of a personal experience or think of an example of an unethical vs ethical experience. 

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