Hedges as Walls and Walkways
Hedges as Walls and Walkways

Hedges as Walls and Walkways

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Many times you want your event entrance to look great and hedges are an excellent way to hide large items you don't want in your pictures.

We can help you create beautiful walkways or dividers with our portable hedge walls. Our hedge walls are the most life-like artificial hedge, professionally installed
on heavy, sturdy panels that stand alone and will not tip over. The small and detailed green boxwood leaves provide a dense, lush and natural look, without gaps.

You can create instant beauty and privacy at your event or party, limited only by your imagination.  Great for indoors or outdoors. No watering required.

Artificial hedges, in all sizes, can be delivered to your venue within Los Angeles County.
We can help you create a beautiful backdrop with our portable hedge walls.

They're FAKE! No watering required.
Hedge walls can be rented for up to 3 days and our installers will deliver them to your event location and set them up and take them down.
These vibrant hedge walls are a wonderful way to infuse more life and greenery into dull event areas or use them to create a backdrop with cut-out logos for a unique step and repeat.

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